Who is selling out?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 22, 2006

To the Editor:

On Feb. 13, 2006, another ugly blot on the image of Selma occurred. It would appear that some of the representatives of the city of Selma cannot accept, or do not believe in the democratic principle of majority vote, unless they are in the majority.

What happened at the council meeting was a good example of a school yard brat that cannot have his or her way (Webster defines brat as: an annoying, spoiled, impolite child). When are some of the members of this city council going to grow up?

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Perhaps if some members of this city council would do their homework, as others do, they would be able to contribute useful dialogue to the debate. This would be useful in helping the public understand one’s position a lot better.

Personal attacks, name calling or claiming to have a hidden agenda without divulging the details of that agenda is useless.

Is it that these agendas are so secret that to expose them would be detrimental to the city of Selma? Or, is it an over active imagination? Or, is it a catch-all phrase when all else fails?

I believe Ms. Allen performed in a very professional manner, and gave a well reasoned explanation for her recommendation regarding funding the library. Well done, Ms. Allen! I wish others would follow your lead.

I wish someone would impress upon Ms. Crenshaw that she has an obligation to abide by statutes and ordinances just as the rest of the citizens of Selma. Suppose we, the citizens of Selma, decided that we were only going to obey an ordinance when it was convenient or pleasing to us. The results would be chaos.

If for no other reason, our “leaders” should want to set professional examples for the youth of this community. One day the youth of today will be our leaders.

Council members are spending tax dollars going to seminars and conventions, but seem to be learning nothing about how to conduct themselves.

On Sunday, I read the op-ed of Ms. Tour. I came to my conclusions after listening to the council meeting as aired on radio station Z105.3 I really thought I was being very attentive. Nevertheless, what I thought I heard bares little resemblance to what Ms. Tour heard and observed. This tends to show that frequently several persons can hear the same set of facts, but come to very different conclusions. This is borne out of the several different views of op-eds regarding this meeting.

As for her position regards the contingency plan for funding the library, I do not agree that the plan as adopted would negate other efforts to secure funds, since the contingency plan only becomes operative if, or when, all other efforts fail.

Regarding the discussion between President Evans, Council persons Leashore and Crenshaw: This has been ongoing since the presently elected city representatives were sworn into office.

At the time, the council voted to restore the mayor’s appointment power there was a move by some members of the council to limit the president of the council’s powers. I thought it was mean spirited and said so then and I still think so now.

These are people who want Mr. Evans to march locked step to the beat of their drum. Should that happen he will have ceased to be a thinking man, but truly a puppet.

I know he is a better man than that. Question: Why is Mr. Evans being bashed and accused of being a sellout when Mr. James Thomas and Mr. Yusuf Salaam are being given a free pass for their part in the despicable bill they voted for and helped to pass, which allows small loan companies to suck the economic life blood out of some of the same people Mr. Evans is supposed to be selling out?

Hidden agendas? Could this be an excellent example of some people exploiting the unknowing to serve their own interest? Start thinking, black folks and stop buying into this racist propaganda.

Oh, I am a black man.

Louis Thomas