Voting Bill a sham

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 20, 2006

To the Editor:

Through my association with the Democracy Defense League (DDL), I have had the pleasure of talking with many people all over Alabama.

One alarming thing I have learned is that most people believe that Alabama already has a government-issued photo ID requirement relative to voting.

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We do not!

What Gov. Riley signed into law was Act 2003-381, also known as the Voter Identification law.

This law does not require a government-issued photo ID, it only makes them “acceptable” as identification.

This Act also approves bank statements, utility bills, Social Security cards, hunting licenses, and other non-verifiable forms of identification as “acceptable” for voting purposes.

Act 2003-381 is a sham, but it does represent what we have come to expect from our elected legislators. To review this worthless piece of legislation, see the Secretary of State’s Web site: and go to Elections Link, then Voter ID at the Polls under Elections Information. For those wanting to view serious and realistic voting legislative proposals, go to: and click onto Proposed Legislation.

Perry Beasley, Co-Chairman

Democracy Defense League, Greensboro