More on City Council meeting

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 20, 2006

To the Editor:


you people tired of this stink/aroma!

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Whenever I want to take an objective look at things, I review my role regarding the situation.

There seems to be a seriously large immature group of adults, in this town.

I cannot believe that the black people of this community who were on the( school boards, teachers, bank boards, superintendents, commissioners, council presidents, council members, chamber of commerce board members, and general flunkies), would think that they could do the things that they have done to the masses in Selma and not have any guilt about it.

More than 40 years ago, those of us to participated with the Voting Rights Act, turned over to the world a project to develop.

My very own community chose not to do it, but instead to “sell out” by keeping quiet about every evil that was inflicted upon the citizens of this community.

There are white people who have the gaul to refer to the people they have been acquainted with all of these years “The Good Black People.” I had the opportunity to buy into that imperfect bull, but I chose to stick to my base and lean on the everlasting arm of my Lord.

Quickly I will just say, I read a letter whereby a man sees Councilwoman Crenshaw and Sister Sanders as racists, and they are the people who are preventing the community from coming together.

Mr. Ross, may I suggest to you that you must think that the behavior of the Council President does nothing to divide us.

Now if Mr. Evans has served in many of the professional positions I’ve mentioned above, please tell me why Selma is not together.

What bothers me, Mr. Evans was treated like dirt by Cecil Williamson while serving as the superintendent of Dallas County Schools.

It’s the black community where he comes to get his wombs licked, yet we are the first ones who he sells out.

I have heard him say too many times, “I’m going do what I think is right!”

Mr. Evans, you need to take a new look at your value system, Now!

I have another question for you, Mr. Evans. Who in the black community can attest to your have great character as described by Cecil Williamson?

If those are the only people who can give you credibility, I can truly say, shame on you.


Frances Coles