Letter writer uses racial scapegoats

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 17, 2006

To the Editor:

In a letter to this paper published Feb. 10, Terry Lynch made accusations that the recent church burnings were to predominately black churches.

He further asserted that these attacks were the work of Southern Heritage groups to “celebrate the death of Coretta Scott King.”

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It is a well known fact, widely reported in this paper and almost every other, that these burnings have been to both black and white churches, with no racial pattern whatsoever. Clearly, Lynch knows the truth, so why has he attempted to mislead your readers? And why attempt to implicate Southern Heritage groups? Terrorists he calls them!

The only pattern here is that the buildings being attacked are Christian Churches, predominately Baptist.

Perhaps Mr. Lynch does not think that church burnings are horrendous enough on their on, unless those churches are predominately black. After all, his letters indicate that he does not share in the common Christian belief. Obviously bearing false witness against his neighbors does not concern him.

Unfortunately, our area has an overabundance of people like Lynch, whose calls for ending racial discrimination and injustice are merely noble sounding euphemisms used to conceal what seems to be their true motive, to enflame the racial disharmony on which they thrive. And as is a common practice, Southern Heritage groups have once again been used as convenient scapegoats.

Steven Fitts