Referees aren’t the game

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wow. Norway’s leading the medal count with 11, but it’s really unfair.

Think about it.

It’s the Winter Games and Norway is a country that has nothing but winter. If they don’t succeed, then they should just call it a day and focus on

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making the Maelstrom a bigger ride at Disney World.

I’ll take three blind mice for $500, Alex.

Sportsfans, it’s official. Some of the officials during the regional finals of the AISA tournament last week were under the impression that moms, dads, sisters, brothers and general sportsfans were there to watch them and not the basketball game that they were working. Now, don’t get me wrong. There were some good officials, but for the most part, the officiating was less than stellar.

When I used to umpire rec league sports during my college years, I was always told that a good official is the one that nobody remembers.

Well, the guys that worked some of the games had never heard that adage.

Case in point: when Morgan and Lee-Scott went to triple overtime on Saturday, that game was overshadowed by one glaring statistic – 56 fouls.

When Wilcox Academy was battling Taylor Road Academy Friday night, the referees spent more time jawing and arguing with the Wilcox bench then they did watching the game.

At one point, I swear the two were jawing with each other.

Now, if I’m a coach and in a close ballgame, which the game was in the first half,

that’s just what I want to see – two referees getting on each others’ case.

The final four starts this afternoon for the Class A schools and hopefully, the AISA will have the best of the best calling these games.

Battle of the Bulge for $300, Alex.

I have officially lost a whopping six pounds only 34 to go.