Local students introduced

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 10, 2006

to virtual library

By Julian Helms

the Selma Times-Journal

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Your tax dollars and the Alabama Legislature have created virtual access for all Alabama citizens.

In place now for several years, Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) remote access cards are available at the Selma-Dallas County Public Library.

With an AVL, you can access information from magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, academic journals, poetry, literature, health, law and science from any computer.

Tipton Middle School eighth graders toured the Selma library on Thursday.

Multiple classes of students received AVL and library cards and began to grasp where information was stored and what was available from the public library.

The AVL card helps students put together papers more quickly and with the references they’re required to provide:

book, magazine and internet resources are available in an instant, said Librarian Crystal Drye.

Librarian Sheronda Sanders said teachers, students, the general public, medical professionals, lawyers, and people taking courses over the Internet are utilizing the system.

The eighth-grade educational blitz ends for the library in March.

Summer programs featuring the McWane Science Center from Birmingham are upcoming.

Come fall, the library will be back in student-education gear and working with first graders.