Car crashes into apartment

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 8, 2006

The Selma Times-Journal

No serious injuries were reported after a purple Geo Metro crashed through the living room of a Selma Square apartment home Wednesday afternoon off Woodrow Avenue.

Resident Daniel Cook was lounging on his living room couch watching television in apartment 2B when the incident occurred. He escaped by climbing out his bedroom window and suffered a minor cut to his hand.

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“I got up and came out of this window and she was in the car moaning,” Cook said pointing at the dilapidated scene.

The “she” is 70-year-old Johnnie Weaver. Visibly shaken up, Weaver sat in a white lawn chair near the wreckage as Selma police offers wrote up the accident report. Tears were streaming down her face as onlookers offered her consolation. Weaver was on her way to aid a sick church member when the accident happened.

“I just lost control of the car. I couldn’t stop,” she said. “I wasn’t driving that fast. I don’t drive fast.”

“I think I’m okay. I’m just upset. I’ve never had an accident in my life. I’m so glad that man didn’t get hurt.”

Witness Wayne Craft said it’s not everyday when one sees a living room transformed into a garage.

“Wow,” he said while viewing the wreckage. “It’s a miracle that no one was hurt.”

Craft said Weaver clipped a school crossing sign and barely missed a fire hydrant before crashing into the apartment building.

“This is too much excitement for one day around here,” Craft said.

Cook said the apartment complex will allow him to stay in another apartment until his is repaired. He planned on staying with his brother Wednesday evening.

As commotion dwindled, Cook and Weaver exchanged kind words.

“I’m so sorry,” Weaver said.

Cook replied, “Don’t worry about it, you hear?”