Writer replies to previous letter

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 6, 2006

To the Editor:

Mr. Shipley, I am replying to your letter in The Selma Times Journal. As the mayor stated to the council and the audience, he does not function well

under this kind of pressure, referencing the petition. When people cannot

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function under pressure their first instinct is to strike out at the

messenger rather than try to understand the message.

This usually carries with it an element of disrespect toward those involved in whatever seems to be applying the pressure. This is not a new approach to many members of our city leadership.

It is known as spinning, changing the direction of the situation from that of constructive requests to that of supposed

mistreatment to them by others.

The seven pastors who represented the

resolution are political allies to the mayor. Makes you wonder where their priorities are concerning their brothers and sisters signatures on the petition, doesn’t it?

These are the same pastors that labeled those who were involved in the petition as “misguided and misled” (words quoted from the resolution). I don’t think that he wanted to be disrespectful to them, do


This whole situation stinks of a grand plan to divide this city and

alienate the county. This act of dividing is a perfect way to bring about weakness. This makes the city much more likely to bow to the political power at large. As I’m sure you know, this whole fiasco was a perfect example of politics at its very worst.

I think the last point you made concerning the way this should have been handled hit the nail on the head. The inattention to a proper solution by our leadership towards this entire matter has caused 4,600 people to wonder why our city leaders only represent those who have political clout or are their political supporters.

At least the city has decided, or supposedly will decide in the next council meeting, to pay the March utility expenses for the library, unfortunately, this puts us back to square one in April.

Maybe if we continue to hold out our hands and beg, we’ll be able to meet our obligations as a city. I truly enjoyed your insight to this problem.

May God Bless Selma.

Gene Hisel