What have we built in Selma?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 22, 2006

To the Editor:

Come Build With Us, a campaign slogan from the last mayor’s race. Let’s see what we’ve built. We have built the highest crime rate we have ever had in Selma. We boast about our crime rate being down. Why? Because we had only eight people die on our streets last year instead of 17? Murder is not the only way to measure crime. Look people, it’s all around us. Lock your doors and alarm your house.

What else have we built? Our budget is walking a tight rope caused by excess hiring and raises in the top supervisory positions in our city. Can you believe that four positions in a 19,000 population city make $208,000 plus fringe benefits collectively? We have built a recipe for financial disaster by courting politics with city money, our money.

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What else have we built? We have built a wall between the leadership and the people. No communication to the public, only to those in the political circle or those on the council who whole-heartedly agree with each other blindly. There is no representation for the majority, yet the majority is responsible for the financial support of the city.

What else have we built? An unemployment situation, especially in our inner city, that would stagger the mind. Poverty is common place and increasing. You hardly ever hear about it but who would want to admit something like this, certainly not the builder.

What else have we built? We’ve allowed a fence to be put between the haves and the have nots, unfortunately, we are increasing in haves because of the “buddy political systems” lucrative rewards to certain people’s chosen few. The foundation of unity was built with only a few in mind; those who refuse to unite with anyone who cannot help them to further their selfish cause.

Come Build With Us. What in the world have we allowed to be built? It’s time for a change.

Irene C. Allen