Voice your opinion on library vote

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 22, 2006

To the Editor:

This year, at Mayor Perkins request, the Selma City Council has voted to cut funding for the Selma/Dallas County Public Library and cut the health insurance benefit for city retirees by 50 percent.

Conversely, some city hall employees have enjoyed very substantial pay raises and the council voted to increase their travel budget by 25 percent.

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If these cuts were part of an across the board belt tightening measure the issue would be different.

(The county had to cut funding in some areas but increased library funding)

However, given the nature of the increased spending in Selma’s budget, the cuts appear to be nothing short of “robbing peter to pay paul.”

Council members who have been wringing their hands with worry (same ones who voted for the cut) have an opportunity to do something positive.

Selma City Council President George Evans has publicly stated he would bring the issue of restoring full library funding before the city council this Monday night.

Assuming radio station 105.3 FM still plans to broadcast the 5 p.m. meeting,

those that can’t attend should tune-in.

Pay close attention to who does what.

Politicians count on the public having a poor memory.

If you feel your council representative or mayor is not acting in the best interest of the people of Selma then make it a point not to forget.

If need be, write it on the wall and come election time remind them of their actions.

It’s your library, your city; you put them in office and you can remove them.

Let’s hope our elected officials never forget that.

Benjamin Austin