Help, don’t hinder our leaders

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 9, 2006

To the Editor:

Good political leaders are hard to find.

Who in the world would want to lead, be out in front, be in charge or over a project?

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Perhaps our understanding of the word, leadership needs clarification.

A leader is a servant of the people with a vision that will enrich and empower the lives of people.

Recently, I was asked about my political affiliation.

It was a great opportunity to talk about civics (the study of the rights and duties of citizens), politics (the art of guiding or influencing governmental policy), and government (the act or process of governing: direction of a political unit/body).

As a citizen utilizing freedom of speech, I have the right to inform the public of an available opportunity that will enhance quality of life.

It is my duty to research, observe, and investigate the cause and effect the opportunity will have on the future of my community, weigh the options and then proceed forward if it will be beneficial, good and positively productive.

Regardless of whether or not an opportunity will benefit the majority of citizens, the facts are people do not like change, committed long, hard work, nor do we like something new that will take us out of our comfort zone.

So, our thinking is guided and influenced to the “left” or to the “right,” depending on which side can scream the loudest, produce more commercials, or win the heart of Hollywood.

That’s politics 101.

A good political leader asks three questions:

Is there a need for the opportunity in the community?

Is it necessary for growth and development of the community? Is it best for quality of life?

Yes, yes and yes.

Then the question is asked, what’s the policy and procedure to make the opportunity happen? The course of action (whether to or not) to guide or direct is determined by a governing body (government). To govern means to exercise authority over. Authority, ruling over, or commands can be to an advantage or disadvantage in communities, it depends on civic leaders and politics.

For a better community: Leaders, lead with integrity and conviction, followers, follow with positive confidence and nay-sayers, don’t hinder, please get out of the way and join in when you are ready to serve the community in a productive and positive way that will enrich and empower the lives of citizens.

Serving the only true authority and King by advancing His kingdom, I am,

Tina S. Price