Educate yourself on candidates

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 3, 2006

The race for the governor seat of Alabama is well underway.

Today, Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley officially kicks off her Democratic candidacy for governor with a rally in Montgomery.

Thus far, other candidates that have announced for the Democratic primary on June 6 include former Gov. Don Siegelman, Pelham attorney Harry Lyon and former security company operator Johnny Swanson of Birmingham.

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The two candidates to watch are Siegelman and Baxley.

Siegelman has more baggage than the other candidates but has more experience in Montgomery.

Baxley, of course has four years working in the shadows of Riley, but still has experience in state government.

On the Republican side – it seems that incumbent Gov. Bob Riley will face off with former Chief Justice Roy Moore. Moore become famous or perhaps infamous, depending on whom you ask, with his Ten Commandments stand on the steps of the courthouse.

This race is sure to garner a value of entertainment provided by true Alabama politics.

There are stories of impropriety (Siegelman’s indictments) and religion vs. state.

Throw in Baxley’s vie for governor as a female candidate and you can expect a most interesting race that could gain more attention than reality television.

The challenge for voters is to look past the covers of these political books.

Each candidate should open themselves up for all to see, warts and all.

Voters should educate themselves on the issues, and where each candidate stands, and make the best decision based on who can best lead Alabama.

Siegelman wants a lottery, but what else is he promising?

Riley has run our state for four years, but what has he accomplished for its citizens?

It isn’t clear what Baxley and Moore are planning to do with the authority of leading our state, but the race is just getting started.

Now is the time to listen and learn.