Selma residents need help too

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 29, 2005

To The Editor:

Mayor Perkins, congratulations on your appointment to the League of Cities, but I’m having a problem with some of the things that are happening in Selma. By what I’ve seen, you are spending more time out of the Mayor’s Office and out of town than you’re spending in town.

While our leaders in Selma are sticking feathers in their hats, people are sticking knives and guns in our faces.

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When y’all are high on pride, many of our people are high on drugs sold on our streets. When y’all are traveling around at our expense, we are asking ourselves why more attention is being given to other cities and not ours. When y’all are drawing a paycheck, my friends are begging for and dreaming about a job.

We need more help in our city than those others need in theirs.

Why can’t y’all help us more than you do?

Vera Bryant