Ring in the New Year with sparklers

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Selma Times-Journal

New Year’s is still New Year’s without a grand fireworks spectacular according to the City of Selma.

Code Enforcement Officer Darryl Moore reads Section 11-4 of the Selma City Code, “It shall be unlawful at any time for any person to sell, offer for sale or otherwise

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dispose of or to have in possession, keep, store, manufacture, use, handle, explode, discharge, or shoot any pyrotechnics, commonly called ‘fireworks,’ within the city or police jurisdiction of the city.”

Simply put, “fireworks can’t be fired off in the city limits,” Moore said.

There is a bright side for fireworks enthusiasts

– the city does permit sparklers.

If sparklers aren’t enough to ring in the New Year, head down to USA Fireworks off Highway 22 in Valley Grande,

operated by Charles and Victoria Weber.

Victoria said fireworks are allowed to be sold, fired and enjoyed in Dallas County and added business is up from last year.

Patrons are buying everything from 25-cent sparklers to large $35 rockets.

Behind the counter, a white

sign with bright red letters

lists the following fireworks safety tips.

1. Obey your city or town ordinance

on the use of fireworks.

2. Always purchase high quality fireworks.

3. Follow printed directions carefully. And use common sense.

4. Do not fire fireworks in glass or metal containers. Do not experiment with homemade fireworks.

5. Never point or throw fireworks at another person.

6. Use fireworks outdoors only in a clear area away from houses and buildings.

7. Light only one item at a time then move back quickly once the fuse is ignited.

Keep all fireworks at a safe distance from where they are being discharged.

8. Adults should supervise the firing of all fireworks.

Stella Tice, an employee at USA Fireworks, adds one more rule.

“Always wear safety glasses,” she said.

The sign also had one final tip – enjoy

fireworks safely.