Jail conditions need improving

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 29, 2005

To Whom it May Concern:

We here at the Monroe County Detention Center need to get this information out to someone on the outside who can help us.

Our issues of concern are many. We are slowly being starved to death. There is no nutritionist or dietician to ensure that we receive a well balanced meal. We get a piece of bologna and grits for every breakfast, a scoop of beans and cornbread for lunch, and the exact same thing for dinner.

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I know that I have lost 10 pounds in the four weeks that I have been here in Monroe County Jail. State inmates have a different diet.

Recreation is non-existent. Absolutely no TV, no gym, no workout, no sunshine (outside recreation). No radio. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No books. No nothing.

Medical facilities are substandard at best. One inmate was having an asthma attack and it took them two hours to even come in his cell to look at him. The man could have died in that time.

On Dec. 20, 2005, an inmate by the name of Jenkins, who has severe heart problems, began to have severe chest pains, cold sweats and convulsions. It took the jailers an hour to even come into his cell and see how bad the situation really was. Then they made him walk all the way through the compound to a car in front to take him to a hospital. He collapsed twice in his forced march through the building.

And the mail is being tampered with. Inmate Green sent a letter to the federal courthouse in Mobile almost one month ago. He even put extra stamps on it to ensure delivery. It still hasn’t been delivered. Other inmates sent out letters to their lawyers that have never been delivered. The jailers are tampering with our legal mail, there is no doubt.

We also ask for legal materials to assist our lawyers with our cases. By federal mandate (U.S. Constitution), they cannot deny access to the courts, and legal materials to assist in that process.

We can’t even get books from a regular library, let alone a law book which could give us information to help us get the best possible defense (U.S. Constitution).

We need help from someone out there who might show us some compassion in our need to find relief from this oppression, and abuse of our constitutional rights, and basic human rights.

God bless whoever this may be.

We of “F-Pod” wish everyone best wishes this Christmas season and may God bless you all.

James S. Carnicom

James Oliver

Alfred Lee

Darren Green

Kenny McCoury