Show support by example

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 30, 2005

To the editor:

In Monday’s edition of The Selma Times-Journal in the Opinion section, there was an article titled, “Support local businesses, charities this holiday season.”

I agree that supporting our local businesses is important for the growth of the community and for local businesses to survive. However, I am curious to know why someone, or in this case something (The Selma Times-Journal), that advocates only purchasing items in Selma so that our “locally-owned businesses” keep “hard-earned dollars at home,” has Lowe’s advertisement bulletins in it.

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I have lived in Selma for 64 years and have tried to contribute to every local business that I could when purchasing an item or items that I need. I have yet to find or see a Lowe’s store in Selma and would like to know where the “local” Lowe’s store is located.

The Selma Times-Journal has included flyers and sales advertisements several times that include businesses not associated with Selma.

Money must talk. I believe there is an old saying that basically says, “do what you say, not what you do.”

Wiley Ingram