No bond for beating suspect

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Selma Times-Journal

Jay Fisher’s long history of assault has finally caught up with him.

District Judge Bob Armstrong requested

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41-year-old Fisher be held in the Dallas County Jail without bond at a hearing Friday morning.

District Attorney Andrew Arrington said Armstrong came to his decision after reviewing Fisher’s violent past and deemed him “a danger to the community.”

“He has a history of assaulting people with weapons,” Arrington said.

Fisher, a resident of Dallas County Road 17, has been accused of shooting at individuals, especially individuals he suspects to be law enforcement officers, Arrington said.

Fisher’s wife filed for divorce in 2004, swearing that Fisher “beat her, choked her and threatened to kill her.”

And then came the final straw.

In August, Fisher assaulted a man with a large stick the size of a small end of a baseball bat. The victim, Curtis Chapman, sustained severe, life-threatening fractures to his jaw and skull.

Chapman pressed charges and a warrant was issued for Fisher’s arrest on Nov. 21.

Fisher was arrested on Nov. 23 at around 5:15 a.m. by Sergeant Randy Tucker of the Dallas County’s Sheriff’s Office.

Arrington said Fisher would have been arrested sooner, but law enforcement officials wanted to take special precautions since Fisher has a small child and did not want to invade his home with children around.

There were even plans to dispatch a SWAT team for Fisher’s arrest, but Tucker managed to lure Fisher to an unspecified location. He was arrested without incident.

“Randy got him to a location where he wouldn’t be a danger,” Arrington said.

Fisher’s lawyers have waived the rest of their client’s proceedings to the grand jury.

Arrington said since Fisher’s arrest, several people have come forward to talk about their violent encounters with Fisher.

“They’re intimidated by him,” Arrington said.

Arrington urges anyone who has been assaulted or knows someone who has been assaulted by Fisher to call 683-5001 or 874-2540.