Help keep Memorial Park clean

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Civil Rights Memorial Park could be an attractive entranceway into Selma.

Located at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the location is perfect. Many of the visitors and tourists who come to Selma, if not most of them, are interested in Civil Rights and the Park could be a great asset to the area.

It could be, but in its present condition, it is not an asset. It’s more of an eyesore.

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The city of Selma has done a great job at making its downtown area attractive.

Once visitors, and residents for that matter, drive over the bridge, the sidewalks and streets are clean, there are beautiful flowers planted curbside and a Riverfront revitalization project is underway.

But, that’s after you cross the bridge. And, most of us would admit, there are parts of Selma that could use a Clean-up Day. In fact, we all need to be more careful where we throw our trash and pick up behind ourselves on a regular basis.

But a Clean-up Day might be just what is needed at the Civil Rights Memorial Park. The park is under the auspices of the National Voting Rights Museum. Those who manage the park should set a day, maybe even two or three times a year, to get volunteers to help out – clear the park, repair steps and benches that are splintered, and pick up the trash that litters the trail.

It will take a commitment from the community – even those who otherwise might not visit the park.

It’s to the advantage of the city as a whole to make this entranceway as attractive as possible.With the beautification projects in Selma, and with revitalization projects in the works, there’s no doubt that the Queen City will become a premier destination.

Let’s work together to welcome those tourists and visitors who come to Selma.