Man shot

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 6, 2005

The Selma


Kory Irvin, 21, was shot in the “left butt cheek” by an unidentified woman on Wednesday, according to police reports.

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Irvin, of 115 Hope St., was shot in the home he shared with his mother when two friends brought a woman to his home.

“I didn’t know her at all,” Irvin said. “My friends know her. They picked her up. That was my first time ever seeing her.”

Irvin said they were all at his house “just chillin’.”

Irvin said the woman told him and his friends she was hungry.

He said his friends told her they’d take her to get some food.

“She said, ‘Ya’ll think I’m playin’,” Irvin said. “She pulled out a gun. Didn’t nobody provoke her or anything. It was just so crazy.”

Irvin said she shot the gun into the air – described as a silver .38 caliber pistol in police reports – first before coming after him and his friends. The bullet damaged the ceiling of the home.

“She came around the corner from the living room (into) the kitchen and she pointed the gun at us,” he said.

She fired again, injuring Irvin.

“Then I guess the gun jammed,” he said. “I didn’t know I was shot.”

He said she walked out the front door and he and his friends waited to make sure she was gone. One of Irvin’s friends looked down and saw him bleeding.

“I put my hand back there and felt the hole,” he said. “Then we went to the hospital.”

Irvin was treated for a gunshot wound to his left buttock. He was released shortly after.

“I still got the bullet in me,” he said.

Irvin said doctors told him the bullet may have to stay.

“If the bullet moves back toward my skin they’ll remove it,” he said. “I guess I’ll have to keep a bullet in there.

Irvin told police he didn’t want to press charges, but he said his mother was going to press charges for firing a weapon in her home.

“I wanted to press charges but,” he said he was worried about how court appearances may effect his job at Meadowcraft.

“There’s a possibility I will lose my job,” he said. Irvin said he just started at the company and was in his probationary period.

“I’m just going to take it like a man,” he said.