Early detection best breast cancer protection

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Selma Times Journal

Thus began Wednesday night’s Pretty In Pink, a fashion show to raise awareness of breast cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer statistics anticipate 40,000 women will die in 2005 from breast cancer.

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To celebrate survivors of breast cancer, Reach 2010 hosted its fourth annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show at Wallace Community College.

Reach 2010 is led locally by the efforts of Judith Donaldson, Dallas County’s coordinator for four years ongoing.


program, sponsored by the University of Birmingham through the Centers for Disease Control, helps focus communities on cancer awareness and prevention.

In Dallas County, 13 community health advisors have kept track of over 100 women for the last three years within the project of the Alabama Partnership for cancer control in underserved populations.

The Project Description printed goals are to &8216;reduce the disparity in breast and cervical cancer deaths between African-American and Caucasian women.’

At 7 p.m., breast cancer survivors modeled their certain spirit of survival, strutting through the room in their own fashions.

Their promenade followed &8220;I Believe,&8221; a song sung by Joe Thomas, and a revival speech by Nan Brown-Curtis, a motivator who has survived colon cancer

for seven years now,

in addition to a brain tumor.

Her speech, titled &8220;Victory Is Mine,&8221; kicked off with &8220;the Bible said people perish for lack of knowledge and I thank God we have people like Reach 2010. We mean this thing about cancer. It’s got to go. For the sake of the next generation, it’s got to go.&8221;

Part sermon, part motivational speaking, Curtis admonished the audience

that &8220;God does not cause diseases &045; it’s the enemy trying to destroy us so we will not step into our purpose, hoping we will just think we are defeated and give up. We are in a battle against evil

&045; but the Bible I read says we have overcome. We have already won.&8221;

Her sister, also a cancer survivor, also believes

attitude plays a big part in recovery.

The audience responded with &8216;Amen’ and completed sentences like &8216; and the truth will set you free!’ and Curtis concluded by encouraging the audience to &8220;love God, love yourselves, and love each other. That’s why I’m glad for Reach 2010

&045; people will be remembered by the work they have done &045; and they are doing good work.&8221;