Club members meet AU’s Spiritual Coordinator’

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Selma Times-Journal

That one phone call brought Williams back to the school that he nearly left as a player under Pat Dye.

According to Williams, the conversation between he and Dye left him struggling to find someone to turn to.

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He found help and the Lord in the strangest place.

Kyle Collins from Gadsden helped put Williams on the road to becoming a minister.

Williams had a second meeting with Dye the following day.

Behind that closed door, the troubled sophomore relayed the past night’s events to his coach.

Williams is now 42 years old and an ordained minister. He is also the director of Auburn University’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes program and the spiritual coordinator for the Auburn University football team.

It was through the FCA that Auburn learned the song &8220;Hard fighting soldier,&8221; which became their anthem for the 2004 season.

Up until Tuberville picked up the phone to dial Williams seven years ago, only one school in the Southeastern Conference had a spiritual coordinator &045; Ole Miss.

Now in 2005, Williams and Wes Yeary, who was Ole Miss’s chaplain are teaming up to teach chaplaincy for the other schools in the nation.

It is going to be a training program.

Every school except for one that Williams wouldn’t name.

The Selma Quarterback Club will meet next Tuesday and the guest speaker will be Auburn University’s basketball coach Jeff Lebo.