MMI earns first win in over five years

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 1, 2005

The Selma Times-Journal

In a battle of winless squads the Titans of West Alabama Prep squared off against a scrappy young MMI Tiger team.

The game, which promised an even regional match-up between the two Class A schools, turned into an old fashioned waxing by the Cadets of MMI 54-13.

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As the buzzer sounded at the end of the game, MMI’s cadets and the Tiger faithful that had filled the bleachers charged the field to celebrate their first win in five years.

After being doused in water, a wet and cold Coach Frith said it best, &8220;It feels so good to win&8221;

The Cadets started out of the gates as Andrew Alexander recovered a fumble for a touchdown, giving MMI an early 7-0 lead.

It also marked the first time that the Cadets had led their opponents all season.

MMI’s defense took control again on the Titans’ next possession as Jovaris Smith picked off a Titan pass that resulted in another Tiger touchdown, pushing the lead to 14-0.

The Titans continued to have problems holding onto the ball as another pass was picked out of the sky by orange and black-clad member of the Cadets’ secondary.

The interception resulted in a Kendrick Moore touchdown. Moore burrowed his way into the end zone pushing the score to 21-0.

MMI defense took a 28-0 lead after a fumble recovery and a 49-yard touchdown scramble by Moore.

The Cadets continued to assault the Titans throughout the first half.

WAP gave up six touchdowns in the first half to make the game at half 41-7.

WAP finally broke the Cadets’ defense late in the second quarter for a touchdown and sent the point after sailing through the uprights.

In a rare occurrence, MMI’s second string Cadets had the chance to see playing time thanks to the lead.

The youngsters tacked on 13 points and held WAP’s varsity to six points 54-13 to soften a 0-6 record on the season.

MMI will be back in action next weekend in non-region-play against Class AA’s Clarke Prep in Grove Hill.

West Alabama continues its search to win No. 1 next weekend when they play host to Southern Academy.

Amy Stewart contributed to this report.