Crosspoint Church sending tractor-trailer of supplies

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Selma Times-Journal

Crosspoint Christian Church is halting hurricane relief efforts for the time being and is about to send a tractor-trailer filled with supplies to areas where they’re needed most.

“The truck is leaving Wednesday,” Teresa Edwards, Crosspoint volunteer said.

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Crosspoint has collected food, clothing, toiletries, medical and other supplies for victims of Hurricane Katrina since the storm hit the Gulf Coast.

Designated as a warehouse location for FEMA supplies, Crosspoint took the initiative in collecting everything they thought victims might need.

The city responded overwhelmingly, Edwards said.

“We had a lot of people who would give their best and give their all,” Edwards said. “We had a really good response.”

A Dallas County thrift store even emptied out its entire stock, Edwards said.

Edwards said church volunteers deserve a lot of credit for the efforts they put in.

All the items donated had to be sorted by type and size and then boxed, Edwards said.

“We worked our butts off for two weeks,” she said.

The project was also a big organizational effort, Edwards said.

“Terry Waters and Ricky Waters of Waters Trucking allowed us to use the big trailer,” Edwards said. “James Bearden took care of (the) Bush Hog (company) with the truck and the driver. Winn-Dixie donated some shrink wrap. I just want to say a big ‘thank you’ to Selma.”

Edwards said the supplies will be delivered to needy areas in Mississippi, a lot of which are smaller areas and haven’t received a lot of attention.

Crosspoint has coordinated with other charity groups throughout the area to help with the project, which makes pinpointing areas of need a lot easier.

Edwards said she and Crosspoint leaders and officials appreciate all the help they’ve received from the community and the state.

She also said that for the time being, the church isn’t taking any more donations.

Fact Box:

To donate to Hurricane Katrina victims, deposits can be made to special accounts in all area banks. People’s Bank and Trust has a special account set aside for the local United Way. Officials there say money donated will be split between the local Salvation Army and the Red Cross.