Drivin’ Tiger

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Selma Times-Journal

Eight years ago, Skip Potter never considered being a trucker. But that was before he was offered the job driving the Buick Promotional trailer for the new golfer they had

signed named "Tiger.&uot;

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Potter replied to the offer with a resounding yes.

The promotional trailer, which is the largest show-truck in the United States at 80-feet long, 13 feet longer than your average big rig. It’s a fully operational hospitality suite, as both sides expand out eight feet.

It also has a golf cart and a swing cage for Tiger to practice before the start of the tournament.

Potter has driven the truck and trailer all over the country and was on his way to Houston from Tampa.

His planned route was Interstate 10, but due to Hurricane Katrina, he had to find an alternate route, which brought him through Selma.

"When they say Southern Hospitality, they should point to Selma. If it hadn’t been for the storm, I wouldn’t have been through here.&uot;

Potter ended up parking the trailer and the rig in the lot at the Elks Lodge.

Potter pulled out on Tuesday morning heading to Texas.

Not only is Potter a driver, he also gets to play the golf courses that the pro’s play. He however, is no professional and refers to himself as a hacker.

Not only does Potter drive a big rig with Woods’ face plastered all over it. He also gets to meet the golfer.

According to Potter everyone has been trying to blame Tigers’ troubles with his game on his wife.

Potter, who is 61 plans to continue driving the trailer until, in his words "he gets up and realizes that he has to go to work.&uot;