Thanking those who helped hurricane victims

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 13, 2005

To the editor,

I would like to thank the faith based community for their response to the evacuees that fled to Selma in need of shelter from the hurricane’s damages. Two churches in particular, Westbrook for their hospitality and Temple Gate SDA for their services. It is truly a blessing to see that those that claim to serve God serve others or simply one another. However, it is still an unfortunate situation. The conditions that were wrought by “Katrina” are not uncommon. People are still homeless in spite of a hurricane. People are still destitute in spite of a natural disaster, and there are many, right here in Selma, that are hungry in spite of bad weather conditions. I feel that it is shameful; for it took a hurricane to drive people to our city as a means of awakening the church from its apathetic and dormant state to meet the needs of those that it should have from its formation. What will we do? (Self included). “Pray the Father send labors!”

Dwayne Peterson

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