Tennis a great part of the city

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 6, 2005

To the editor,

My names is Joseph Schuerman. I am 14 years old and Selma has been my home since I was born at the Vaughan Memorial Hospital. I am in the Boy Scouts of America and this is one of my requirements for one of my merit badges, to write to you about a concern or something that I believe should be noticed in the community. So here it goes:

This summer was an extremely fun summer for me. If you’re wondering why, it is because of Coach (Louis) Hill from Selma High School, who taught tennis to the youth. I enjoyed learning all about tennis, about the court, about the tennis racket, proper swings and how to play a game of tennis. He is an excellent coach and I just wanted to let everyone know about him. I believe that he is going to teach again next summer at Bloch Park. I want to encourage every one to come out and play the great game of tennis. I appreciate the people who took their time to organize the summer lessons. I also want to encourage whoever is in charge of games and sports to start a tennis league for the youth and even the adults in the City of Selma.

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Joseph Schuerman