Rebels make short work of Chiefs

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 4, 2005

The Selma Times Journal

LOWNDESBORO&045;In a game that paled in comparison to last year’s meeting, Lowndes handled Lakeside 42-12.  

Lakeside quarterback, Brad Sanders, led the offensive attack with a pair of long passes caught by Blayne Green and Christopher Goff.  The first pass to Green was a 34-yard bomb and the drive ended with Sanders finding Goff in the end zone for a 35-yard pass. Lowndes answered quickly by scoring seven.  

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The two running backs, Eric St. Cin and Trent Pate advanced the Rebel offense down the field but it was Drew Harrell’s pass from 12-yards out to Robin Hagood that scored the touchdown.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Lowndes started with the ball on Lakeside’s 25 yard line and pushed the ball in the end zone for another TD on the board.

Pate and St. Cin rushed for five yards each, set-up a touchdown pass.

Lakeside’s defense was unable to fend off the Rebel’s offense leading to two more scores.

 Harrell rushed the ball into the end zone from the 23-yard line. The Rebs tacked on another touchdown when Harrell found an open Jon Kreder out of the backfield. Kreder carried the ball 42 yards and a touchdown. The opening drive of the second half resulted in another Lowndes’ touchdown.  

This drive started with St. Cin rushing for 12 yards.  On the next downs, Pate rushed for seven yards and T.J. Mills was able to pick up 19 yards on the pass from Harrell. One play later, the Rebels were back in the end zone when St. Cin romped down the field for 21 yards.

Lakeside’s quarterback hit Austin Hayes for a nine-yard pass. The Chiefs moved the ball down the field and ended the drive when Sanders found Michael Germain open in the end zone for a 13-yard strike for a touchdown.

Lowndes answered back on the next drive to score their last TD of the night.