Banks open accounts for donations

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 4, 2005

The Selma Times-Journal

Area banks are pitching in with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, bank officials said Friday.

“We came up with the idea to have this centralized account at People’s (Bank and Trust),” Roberta Leach, Vice President of Marketing at People’s said.

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People’s is using their account to give money to the local United Way.

“Jeff (Cothran, director of the United Way) will administer the funds,” Leach said. “He’s going to give half to the local Salvation Army and half to the local Red Cross.”

Leach said the bank came up with the idea after being approached by local radio station owners Mike Reynolds and Scott Alexander.

People’s Bank and Trust isn’t the only organization raising money right now.

The Student Government Association at Meadowview Christian School also stepped up to organize their own collection effort.

The school has raised $284.10, as of Friday morning.

“The SGA was just very touched by what had happened and what we’re seeing on TV,” Travis Colley, SGA Secretary said.

The 12th-grader said that the SGA will continue collection efforts until the end of September.

The group has already sent help to afflicted areas.

A church group appealed to the students for help. MCS quickly pitched in.

“We sent a good half a truck bed full of clothes and hygiene items down there,” he said.

Other banks in the area are pitching in too.

South Trust-Wachovia has set up a national account to send money to the American Red Cross. Region’s Bank and AmSouth also have similar accounts.

According to officials at each bank, the accounts work the same.

“If they want to give they can just come through the drive through,” Leach said.

Officials also said that donations can be made inside by asking a teller about donating.

All donations are tax deductible.

To donate canned goods and clothing to MCS’s relief efforts, drop any items off at the school at 1512 Old Orrville Road.

Colley said cash donations can be made to an account set up at People’s Bank and Trust, separate from the local United Way account.