Local organizations can help

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 1, 2005

To the editor,

Having seen three massive hurricanes in the past year – each accompanied by massive evacuations – I, like most Selmians, would like to do more to help. Here is a proposal for something that we could all do as a community:

I would propose that every church, temple, mosque, fraternal group, service society, etc. in Selma “adopt” a similar organization in the south of our state. The next time that an evacuation is required, let us open our homes to these folks. It would spare our fellow Alabamians from the uncertainty of finding shelter as they head north; and in the event (Heaven Forbid) of disasters similar to Katrina, they would have a safe, comfortable place to await their return home.

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Besides the obvious benefit of helping those in need, I would expect that this would generate lasting friendships and wonderful experiences for all. Perhaps other communities would follow suit. Now we are all asking what we can do to help the survivors of Katrina. This could help alleviate the suffering in future disasters.

Steven Grossman