Dallas County to unveil plan for school improvement

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Selma times-Journal

Next month the Dallas County School System will begin the first phase of a strategic plan to help teachers and school administrators meet improvement goals developed by the superintendent.

Superintendent Dr. Fannie Major-McKenzie said her plan, known as the &8220;Blue Print for Continuous Improvement,&8221; is designed to help administrators work closely with teachers and parents to develop strategies to help every student achieve success in school.

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Major-McKenzie said Phase 1 of the plan begins with a Sept. 7 meeting with administrators and teachers from each county school to develop a collective vision and mission for improving education in the school system.

Major-McKenzie said the group will be divided into committees to address five broad goals toward achieving student progress.

These goals include safety and development, effective leadership, quality teachers, challenging curricula, and critical supports, such as financial and facility management and parental involvement.

Phase II of the strategic plan will be to invite the public to review the committees’ plans and offer additional benchmarks and strategies.

Major-McKenzie said she tentatively plans to bring the committees’ work to the public during the second week of January.

Major-McKenize said she first began developing her &8220;Blue Print for Continuous Improvement&8221; soon after taking office in April.