Company grants access

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 17, 2005

BNI News Service

Located just off the Industrial

Access Road, Concord Cemetery, with death dates ranging from 1853 to 1927, is in dire need of repairs and general upkeep.

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According to Attorney Rae Calvert, president of the Concord Cemetery Association, Daehan Solution Plant would not allow the cemetery committee and trustees to use its parking lot in order to get to the cemetery.

However, Michael C. Kwon, vice-president of Daehan Solution, said that he did not know the cemetery was there.

“I never heard any detailed information,” Kwon said. “You can’t see the cemetery, so I didn’t know it was there when Daehan first bought this property.”

He also said he is willing to work with the cemetery association to allow them to gain access to the historic cemetery.

“I don’t mind if the committee wishes to use this parking lot to park their cars and have access to the cemetery; the company just needs to be called and informed ahead of time so we’ll know how many cars and people to expect,” he said.

Kwon said his first priority is for the safety and security of Daehan and its employees.

“We were worried about the security of the company and our employees’ cars,” he said. “Everything should be fine as long as there is no conflict with the operation of the company. Even if they come on Sundays, we still want notification; otherwise, regular visits should be no problem.”

Another concern Kwon had was the fact that large company trucks come in and out of Daehan’s parking lot and frequently travel on Industrial Access Road. If someone or his property were to get hit or hurt in any way, the company could be held liable.

Even so, Calvert is very pleased with the outcome so far.

“We are happy that the company will now allow us to use its parking lot for access to the cemetery,” Calvert said.

“We’re eagerly waiting to see what the Lowndes County Commission decides at its next meeting.”

Lowndes County Engineer David Butts has already met with two representatives from the cemetery committee and said he plans to present the commission with a plan to build a road to the cemetery so visitors can access the property without having to use Daehan’s parking lot.

“There needs to be about 150 feet of gravel poured for an access road; at this point, it doesn’t seem like it will cost a significant amount of money to do just that,” Butts said.

The county commission’s next meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on August 22.