Prices affecting drive-offs?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Selma Times-Journal

Gas drive-offs are

a problem according to local law enforcement officials, but price increases haven’t made a big difference, at least not in the county.

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Gas prices recently set a record, averaging about $2.55 per gallon nationwide.

Some Selma stations charge more.

Almost two-thirds of people surveyed for an Associated Press-American Online poll said they expect fuel costs to cause them financial hardship.

Within the city limits, gas drive offs appear to occur more frequently. Reports show that since Aug. 9 five stores were the victim of gas drive-offs.

Selma Police officials were unavailable for comment on Tuesday.

Freine said that while the situation isn’t a big problem for the county, he urged gas station owners and workers to be vigilant.

Freine suggested that attendants require suspicious individuals to pay before pumping.

Also, Freine said it is always helpful to law enforcement if attendants pay more attention to their customers.

Freine said details about what the car looks like could be helpful in catching culprits.

Also, Freine warned potential gas-thieves about the consequences of their actions.

Those found guilty of stealing gas could have their drivers licenses revoked, Freine said.