Giving thanks

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Selma times-journal

City and county leaders stood together with local business owners at the Selma Mall on Tuesday to say &8220;Thanks, Selma&8221; for all the kindness and support shown throughout the community.

The kind words were part of a new campaign created by the City of Selma and the Selma-Dallas County Centre for Commerce to promote all the positive aspects of the city.

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During the kick-off event at the mall, stickers and signs displaying the &8220;Thanks, Selma&8221; logo were distributed among the crowd.

City and county officials, as well as representatives from area businesses and non-profit organizations, also took the opportunity to say exactly what they were thankful for.

Mall manager Carver Boynton started things off by thanking the mall’s customers.

Mayor James Perkins Jr. followed Boynton by thanking God &8220;because He keeps blessing us.&8221;

Wayne Vardaman, head of the Dallas County Economic Development Authority and a member of Team Selma, said he appreciated the kindness the community showed the employees of Hanil E-Hwa, Selma’s newest Hyundai supplier.

Nancy Travis, executive director of SABRA Sanctuary, said she was grateful to all those who donated their time, money, or clothing and food to the shelter.

Claire Twardy, executive director of the Selma and Dallas County Chamber of Commerce, said the &8220;Thank, Selma&8221; campaign was originally created as a way for the city’s business community to thank customers and tourists for supporting them.

As part of the campaign, businesses were asked to display &8220;Thanks, Selma&8221; on their marquee signs whenever they didn’t have anything specific to promote.

There will also be radio announcements featuring local citizens explaining what they appreciate about Selma.

Twardy said anyone who has a positive story about Selma they would like to share can contact the Centre for Commerce at 875-7241 or online at