Owner closes The Blue Note Lounge

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 12, 2005

The Selma Times-Journal

The Blue Note Lounge is no more and it’s left the owner feeling a little, well, blue.

The 29-year-old club owner decided to close the doors of the Lounge because of neighborhood pressure, he said.

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Despite his attempts to make the club more &8220;upscale,&8221; Lyons said, he felt like some members of the community opposed the club.

His decision was announced after the Selma City Council questioned Lyons about complaints against the Lewis Street club at Monday’s Council meeting.

According to President George Evans, unidentified citizens alleged that an 80-year-old woman lived next to the club with an infant and that a petition council showing support for the club wasn’t accurate.

Lyons said that both allegations were ridiculous.

Lyons said he spoke to one of the residents against the club who said that some of the people who signed it didn’t live in the neighborhood.

Despite closing the club, Lyons still defends the club and his management of it.

Lyons said that his own personal experiences made him want to make the club safe.

Despite everything that’s happened, Lyons said he doesn’t regret a thing.

Besides, Lyons said, it may not be the end for the Blue Note.