Sex abuse bill could help local officials

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 25, 2005

The Selma Times-Journal

A bill introduced by Attorney General Troy King could help local prosecutors combat sex crimes in Dallas County.

The new law, according to a press release issued by King, would strengthen the state’s current sex offender notification law, providing for more jail time, stronger sentencing guidelines and the use of Global Positioning Satellites (GPS).

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The changes would occur under the state’s current Community Notification Act, which requires known sex offenders to register with a community when they move to it.

“Our current Community Notification Act is in some ways almost worse than nothing,” King stated in a press release.

The new bill, according to King, would set mandatory sentences; prohibit probations, split sentences or early release; and establish an electronic monitoring system. Local officials said they are pleased with the new law. “The district attorney’s office would appreciate any and all help in our effort to punish sex offenders,” Shannon Lynch, of the district attorney’s office said. According to Lynch, Dallas County’s assistant district attorney specializing in sex crimes, the biggest benefit in this area are the mandatory sentences.

“The mandatory sentences for sex offenders is an incredible step forward,” she said.

“There is no prison term long enough for a pedophile.”