Officials form gang task force

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Selma times-journal

According to local law enforcement estimates Dallas County

has seen a significant increase in gang-related crime during the past five years.

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The Selma/Dallas County Gang Task Force wants to do something about that.

Chestnut, the Prevention and Community Awareness Coordinator for the DA’s Office, said that they wanted to bring together organizations and people familiar with local gangs so that the public could be better informed.

The newly formed task force will serve several purposes. In addition to making the public aware of the status of local gang activity, the task force will also provide strategies to manage the gangs, and ultimately provide exit strategies for people who are involved in gangs but wish to get out.

Chestnut said that although development of the local gangs has not yet occurred, larger gangs in other cities have begun migrating to smaller, more rural communities.

For more information about the Selma/Dallas County Gang Task Force, please contact Chestnut at (334) 874-2540.