Kidnapping suspect has probation revoked

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Selma times-Journal

A Selma man charged with kidnapping and aggravated stalking, appeared before Judge Bob Armstrong during Thursday’s bond hearing.

In April, Minter was convicted of 3rd degree domestic violence &045; and as a result &045; received a trespass order, was sentenced to a six month suspended sentence and was placed on 12 months probation.

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Lynch also requested that Minter’s bond on the kidnapping case be raised to $500,000 and his bond in the aggravated stalking case be raised to $250,000.

According to testimony given by Detective Sandra Washburne, Minter allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend last Friday near the Selma Curb Market, forced her into his car and drove away at a high rate of speed. He then took her to an apartment at Craig Field where they formerly resided, bound her hands and feet and threw her into a closet.

Washburne said that when deputies arrived at the apartment, Minter climbed out of an upstairs bathroom window onto the roof of the building and stayed there for 30 minutes before being apprehended.

Armstrong then ordered that Minter undergo a psychiatric evaluation and receive all the appropriate treatment and medication while incarcerated.