AISA cancels cheerleader clinic due to storm

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 8, 2005

MONTGOMERY &045; Due to the possibility of severe weather, power outages and hazardous travel conditions throughout the state as a projected path of Hurricane Dennis, the Alabama Independent School Association has cancelled the Cheerleader Clinic for Monday, July 11, only.

Monday’s activities will resume on Tuesday, July 12. Camp will conclude at the regular teim on Thursday.

Tuesday, morning registration and pom practice at the assigned times. At 1 p.m. the Cheerleader Clinic Opening Session and Pom competition will be held.

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On Monday the AISA will decide if any additional cheer clinic schedule changes are needed due to continuing severe weather or conditions following possible severe weather, such as power outages, property damage, etc.

Extension service issues generator warnings

The Alabama Cooperative Extension Agency has issued guidelines on the proper use of generators during potential power outages.

The Agency urges uses to:

Never use a generator in an enclosed or partially enclosed space. Generators produce high levels of carbon monoxide quickly. Anytime a generator is running and a user feels sick, dizzy or weak, the user is urged to get fresh air immediately.

Never use a generator indoors.

Follow the instructions that come with a generator.

Install battery operated CO (carbon monoxide) alarms.

Test your CO alarms often.

Keep the generator dry. Do not use in rain or wet conditions.

Plug appliances directly into a generator.

Never try to power the house wiring by plugging a generator into a wall outlet. This is extremely dangerous and presents and electrocution risk to utility workers and neighbors.

If you must connect a generator to the house wiring, have a qualified electrician install the equipment.

Never store fuel for your generator in the home.

Before refueling the generator, turn it off and let it cool down.

Troopers urge caution with travel

MONTGOMERY &045; Alabama state troopers urge motorists to drive with extreme caution as weather forecasts indicate heavy rain and possible flooding as Tropical Storm Cindy makes landfall. Public Safety Director Col. W.M. Coppage said troopers were on standby to assist with emergency response should flooding develop in the state.

Coppage asked that drivers keep a close watch on developing weather conditions and encouraged motorists to monitor local television and radio broadcasts for information on weather and roadway conditions. He asked that they contact trooper posts only to report traffic crashes or other emergencies so phone lines would be open for any emergency calls. He added that Public Safety’s Web site,, includes a link to the ALDOT’s list of emergency road closures.

Troopers offer the following suggestions to help insure the safety of motorists during inclement weather:

Avoid travel during heavy downpours unless absolutely necessary.

Turn on lights and windshield wipers.

Never attempt to drive across a water-covered roadway. Water depth and movement can be deceptive.

Drive at a lower speed appropriate for road and weather conditions.

Coppage reminded drivers that wet, slippery roadways and decreased visibility resulting from heavy rainfall make for extremely hazardous driving. He stressed the importance of reducing driving speeds during inclement weather, along with keeping a safe distance between vehicles.

Alfa ready to handle hurricane claims

MONTGOMERY &045; With hurricane season in full swing, Alfa Insurance is gearing up to handle claims and is advising policyholders of what they can do to minimize the threat to their lives and property.

Alfa President Jerry A. Newby said the company has been updating its disaster preparedness plan to better serve its customers.

In preparation for Hurricane Dennis, Alfa has put its claims adjusters on standby across the Southeast and is prepared to relocate additional personnel to affected areas if needed. In addition, Alfa is the only insurance company with service centers in all 67 Alabama counties. Those offices have implemented new procedures to simplify the claims process. Alfa also has supplies and generators on hand to get storm centers up and running, should they be damaged or lose power. Additionally, Alfa has added a severe storm center page on its website (

This comprehensive site provides useful information about preparing for hurricanes and other weather-related disasters. There are also links to emergency resources and a section where Alfa will release storm-related news should it be necessary. This new section of the website will help policyholders protect their lives and property now and expedite claims following the storm.

Newby said policyholders should first make sure their families are safe because &8220;property can be replaced; lives can’t.&8221; Once it’s safe to return to a storm-damaged area, policyholders should take any steps necessary to prevent further damage and then contact their local Alfa service center to file a claim.