Wrecks mar weekend, Tuesday

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 1, 2005

A local man died in a car wreck over the Memorial Day weekend, the only fatality reported during the holiday period.

Anthony T. Wilson died Sunday in a one car accident.

Wilson was killed when a 1988 model Honda crashed on County Road 67, according to State Troopers stationed at Craig Field.

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The accident occurred 2.3 miles south of U.S. Highway

The Selma man was a passenger in the vehicle.

The driver, Willie J. Washington, was injured as well.

Troopers weren’t able to give information on how the accident occurred, saying only that it was still under investigation. Troopers did say that the accident was the only one that happened in the area over the holiday resulting in injuries.

On Tuesday, however, at least three people were injured in three different accidents over the course of half an hour.

Brian Swain was injured when his Ford Explorer sustained a blowout and the vehicle hit a girder on the bridge.

Swain was transported to Vaughan Regional Medical Center complaining of neck and back pain.

Another accident happened shortly after, when a Chevrolet truck and a Ford Escalade collided at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Broad Street. Both drivers were transported to VRMC.

Another accident occurred on the corner of Broad and Highland Avenue.

Further details about the accidents were unavailable as of presstime.