Habitat looking for volunteers

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 27, 2005

For Habitat Selma, slow and steady is definitely winning the race.

Over the past few months, the organization has hosted several community fundraisers to help complete construction on their current house.

“The fundraisers have been so rewarding,” said Nina Capps, Habitat-Selma Executive Director. “A lot of area businesses have just been extremely supportive. We know they get asked a lot, but to help us on a continuous basis is just marvelous.”

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“We have a lot of community-oriented people help us out,” Capps said. “Sometimes, people just have a linkage to Habitat, and give out of the goodness of their heart. They will say ‘use this wherever it is needed’.”

She said that all of the money that is donated or raised goes specifically toward building homes.

“When we have fundraisers, we use the money for infrastructure – things like paving streets and upkeep of the pumping station,” Capps said.

While she appreciates the businesses and individuals who contribute to the cause, she is also thankful for her Habitat staff.

“We have a lot of conscientious board members,” Capps said. “Tracy Hardy was in charge of the step show and Ashley Davis was in charge of the auction.”

Although both of these events raised enough money to get Habitat closer to the finish line, the race is not over.

“There are lots of things that we need to complete this home,” Capps said. “If someone would like to contribute plants or other landscaping items for homes, that would be greatly appreciated.”

She also said that volunteers are desperately needed.

“The residents take good care of their homes, but when things like a hurricane comes, it’s an inconvenience to everyone because we don’t have a full time construction person. We just have people who volunteer to help make repairs on the homes.”

In addition, volunteers are needed to help with construction and construction related activities.

“We will be working (on building our current house) for the whole month of June,” Capps said. “People don’t have to be able to hammer and nail.

We need volunteers to sign people in and out, and to explain to them about construction safety.”

“If they don’t want to volunteer to help us build, they could bake us cookies or send us sandwiches,” she said with a laugh. “When you are out there working, you get hungry.”

Capps said that she hopes that this home can be completed in June so that construction can begin on the next home in September.