Trash changeover continues

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 24, 2005

While some residents may be wondering about their trash pickup, Selma General Services head said the plan to change Selma’s service is going smoothly.

“The process is coming along real good. You’ll probably have some around town that will say differently,” Henry Hicks said.

Hicks and the rest of General Services has worked hard to get the city’s trash pickup service changed from back-door to curbside pickup. The process started in the beginning of May and Hicks said it’s nearing completion.

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Already, Hicks said, the department has delivered more than 6,000 of the new 96-gallon cans to city residents.

Hicks guessed that another 45 to 50 residents still need new cans, but his people are getting them out as quickly as possible.

Hicks said his department is working on getting unneeded cans back. In the beginning of the program, Hicks said, a few cans were put out at homes without residents.

Hicks said another 375 cans are on order, and some will be distributed soon.

“some residents have called requesting extra cans,” he said.

Then rest, he said, will be used to replace any damaged or lost cans.

Businesses in the area are encouraged to purchase dumpsters.

“We’re recommending that if they have to get three or four cans that they have a dumpster,” Hicks said.

The only exception to the smooth sailing, Hicks said, is those residents that still request or need back door services.

“If we happen to miss backdoors now, we ask (residents) to give us 24 hours,” he said.

Hicks said the same applies to front door customers, but said the department is diligent in getting everyone they can.

The city allowed citizens to put keep the backdoor service, but charges a higher rate.

Some residents can provide doctor’s notes, stating they are unable to take the cans out to the curb and still qualify for backyard pickup at the old rate.

Hicks said the new service seems to be improving the appearance of Selma.

“You don’t see the clutter you used to see,” he said. “In the next month or two you’re going to see a total difference as far as garbage is concerned.”