Pritchett, Pernell attend Nike Combine

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 18, 2005

College athletics are becoming more and more like professional sports with the introduction of compounds and combines as a part of the recruiting process. This past weekend two of Selma’s own were a part of that process. Selma High seniors Cajun Pritchett and Quinn Pernell were invited to participate in the Nike Combine in Athens, Ga.

The Saints duo made the trek from Tuskeegee to Athens, Ga., following their end of spring training jamboree games against Booker T. Washington and Elmore County High Schools.

As a quarterback, Pritchett was evaluated on his footwork, his accuracy and timing and speed.

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The Combine is set up as a testing ground for the athletes that could become Division I-A prospects.

According to information from, the top recruiting website in the nation, it is a premier high school athletic testing event, the NIKE Combines are a great opportunity to see where high school aged athletes stand with their peers. Produced by Student Sports, which has introduced Clinton Portis, Phillip Buchanan and Andre Johnson, to name a few, to the national recruiting scene after Student Sports saw them at the NIKE Football Training Camps, these combines will give any athlete an opportunity to showcase their skills for possible selection for the NIKE Football Training Camps held later in the spring.

Additionally, those participating in the Combines are invited to continue their dedication to improve their athleticism through free NIKE SPARQ Camps , which will take place through the month of February & March.

Pernell did point out that he was at a disadvantage to the other wideouts.

Once at the Nike Combine, athletes are tested on a variety of skills and their scores are calculated using the SPARQ Rating system. The SPARQ stands for speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness, which are basically the essential tools for anyone to be able to succeed on the collegiate level of athletics. According to, the SPARQ Ratings system is the measuring stick for coaches to use in ranking potential recruits at different positions throughout the country. also pointed out that Attending one of the NIKE Combines is a great opportunity to take advantage of NIKE’s commitment to football and athleticism, which will give each athlete the opportunity to get professionally SPARQ Tested so they will have a starting base to improve upon. They’ll have a chance to see other elite players in their class, which will give them an idea of where they stand and inspire them to get better. Also, after these combines, NIKE will be holding instructional NIKE SPARQ Camps FREE of charge to help each athlete improve upon their times and stats from the NIKE Combine. There is also an opportunity for great recruiting exposure and coverage. Student Sports, home of the NIKE Football Training Camps and leader of the Student Sports High School Network on Rivals, will be at the NIKE Combines covering the event as well as taking photos and video. In addition the results will be distributed to major college football programs all over the country.

Pritchett and Parnell will don the baby blue for the last time this fall for the Selma High School Saints.