To the editor,

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 8, 2005

A Tribute to Charles E. Brown “Chuckie”.

Wallace State College graduate.

Since your passing, I have been trying to endure with the pain, the fact that you left me so quickly. I will never see you again. Your baby brother asks for you on a daily basis. You assumed parental responsibility for your brothers while I was away at work. Your age was 20, but your maturity was 30.

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I watch you grow from a confused 17 year old boy to a responsible man.

Everything from opening your own bank account to caring for your brothers.

Often when I returned home from Montgomery you had already gone to the grocery store, prepared the food, and also had gone over the boy’s homework.

You were not only my son. You were my friend. You protected me right alone with your brothers. You were the voice of authority around the house.

God had a special purpose for you Chuckie. You died without a criminal background. You died with a college degree. I am so proud of you Chuckie.

I will always keep your memory alive. I love you to the depths of my heart. I am honored to have known someone like you.

Your mother,

Mrs. Hattie Brown Hale