Selma shows its worth with cleanup

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 8, 2005

Yesterday more than 200 Selma and Dallas County residents turned out to clean up Craig Field hopefully enticing the Air Force to pick Lockheed Martin over its competitors and bring new jobs to town.

The project was a success, as Craig Field sparkled by the end of the day.

While no one will know where the Air Force’s new flight training school will go, there’s no way the military won’t be impressed.

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Hundreds of regular, everyday hardworking men and women, from all walks of life, came together to improve their community.

Probate Judge Johnny Jones said he saw a unification take place to get the job done.

“This is the Selma I know,” he said.

Yesterday, the Selma we all know was on display.

Despite the differences that sometimes arise, despite the separations that sometimes occur, when it really matters Selma is one city devoted to making life better for all its residents.

Yesterday, Selma and Dallas County came together like never before, just to clean up an airfield.

Imagine, what would happen if the Air Force moved back into Selma.

If 200 people are willing to give of themselves on a project like cleaning up Craig Field, imagine what kind of facility the Air Force could create with a community like Selma to lean on.

This isn’t a situation where some people benefits; this is a situation where everyone benefits.

Selma benefits by getting much needed jobs and a solidly diversified local economy.

The Air Force will get the benefit of operating in a town where everyone is willing to pitch in and make everything better.

Ultimately, the Air Force will get the better of that situation.

On the off chance that the city doesn’t get the contract, it won’t be because of our citizens. The people that live and work here are the best in the world.

Yesterday, we all proved it.