Council members interview ‘anonymous’ board candidates

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 4, 2005

On Wednesday, two members of the Selma City Council’s Administrative Committee interviewed the four candidates for the Selma City School Board but kept the candidates identities to themselves.

“There are two board positions open at this time,” said Councilwoman Geraldine Allen.

Three of the candidates have a background in education, while one has a background in law, however the committee stipulated that the candidates’ names not be revealed.

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“Even though this (interview) is open to the public, the public has no input -observation only,” Allen said. “Questions will be directed by the Council.”

During each interview, which lasted approximately 20 minutes, Allen and councilwoman Jean Martin asked a series of questions to gauge the candidates’ perspectives on issues related to the school system.

On May 9, the names of the candidates will be presented to the Selma City Council on a secret ballot. Once the voting is complete, the two new board members will be announced.