Tina Price ‘discovered’ at library

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tina Price is already a well-known figure around Selma through her job with the Selma-Dallas County Centre for Commerce, but eventually people from across the country may come to recognize her as well.

Several months ago Price was offered a starring role in “When I Find the Ocean,” a film about a little girl who goes on an adventure through Alabama. Three scenes from the movie will be filmed in Selma.

Price, who steps in front of the camera for the first time this weekend in Florence, is portraying the part of a wife and mother named Anna.

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“Being the mother of two, I don’t think the role will be much of a stretch for me,” Price said.

Price said she originally had no desire to be a part of the movie and did not participate in the open casting calls held several weeks ago, but she changed her mind a trip to the Selma-Dallas County library.

“I guess you could say I was discovered,” Price said. “I was attending the book review and signing of Sen. (Hank) Sander’s book, ‘Death of a Fat Man.’ Edie Jones, the film liaison for Selma, introduced me to the director. We shook hands and she said, ‘I saw you from across the room. Have you been in a movie before?’ I said, ‘Well I have mostly participated in family and personal life dramas.'”

The film’s director, Tonya Holly, asked Tina if she would consider taking on the role of Anna.

“I didn’t have to ponder long and said ‘yes’,” Price said.

Price said she is excited and looking forward to her 15 minutes (or more) of fame.

“This is just something fun for me to do, something different,” Price said. “The film is a way for me to be frozen in time that my kids can look back on and enjoy.”

Price said her role in “When I find the Ocean” is not the first time she’s been on a movie set.

During the 1990’s, when Price lived in Orange County, Calif., she did some work as a movie extra.

“It was always a lot of fun. I’d get to people, eat a lot of food and have some fun,” she said.

Price said “When I find the Ocean” could be really good for Selma.

“This movie could spotlight us in a family-orientated way,” she said.

Still, even with her new movie role, Price said she has no ambitions to go Hollywood.

“I only want to be a star to my children,” she said.