Three arrested in kidnapping

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 22, 2005

Two Alberta men and a Selma teen are behind bars today on charges of kidnapping two young boys from the Cahaba Park West Trailer Park on Highway 22.

Sometime before 7 p.m. Wednesday, an eight-year-old boy and his five-year-old friend were playing basketball at the trailer park when three men approached them, according to police reports.

The eight-year-old told police that he and the other boy were taken by force to an area at Bloch Park. The boys were forced to remove their pants, socks and shoes and walk into a pond.

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Lt. David Evans, Selma Police public information officer, said a short time later the boys were then forced into the suspects’ vehicle.

“They were pushed out of the moving vehicle and sustained minor cuts and abrasions,” Evans said. “The victims said the perpetrators then threw out their bikes and clothing. The suspects drove off and the victims returned to their homes on their bicycles.”

The young victims were able to give police a detailed description of the vehicle.

Officers spotted the vehicle a short time later and the three suspects were arrested.

Fredrick Murphy, 20, and Jamal Henry Kinnard, 19, both of Alberta, were charged with two counts of kidnapping. A 17-year-old Selma male was also arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree kidnapping.

Police said the kidnapping may be gang related.

Evans said the suspects were angry at the 15-year-old brother of the 8-year-old victim.

“They did this to the children to get back at him,” Evans said.

Late Thursday afternoon both Murphy and Kinnard appeared before Judge Bob Armstrong for a preliminary bond hearing.

During the hearing, Assistant District Attorney Shannon Lynch asked for a $1 million bond for each count.

“The bond is set at twenty-five thousand dollars per count, but the state would like to suggest that at the very least, bond should be set at one million dollars a count,” Lynch said during the hearing.

When Lynch made that statement, Kinnard loudly said “what?,” turned around, and walked a few steps away.

“Mr. Kinnard, if you can’t maintain yourself, I’m going to have to place you in restraints,” said Judge Armstrong. “This is the courtroom, not the streets. I will give you the opportunity to address me.”

“Yes sir,” said Kinnard.

Lynch continued.

“The children are able to identify all three defendants,” she said. “Furthermore, Kinnard has a juvenile history in Jefferson and Wilcox Counties, and Murphy has a juvenile history in Wilcox County.”

Alston Keith, Murphy’s court appointed lawyer, disputed the $1 million bond request.

“To have a one million dollar bond for a 20-year-old is not something that the code would recommend,” Keith said.

Vaughan Russell, Kinnard’s appointed lawyer, said the defendant’s bond should not be increased based on

“vague references” to their juvenile history.

“Before considering what kind of bond they will get, I would like to see a surveillance video of the area, if it is available,” Russell said.

After hearing from the lawyers, Armstrong announced he was not going to set a bond before going over the facts of the case.

“You will have no bond – you can’t get out. I don’t have enough information to make a fair and reasonable decision,” he said. “If you have a previous record, that will forfeit your right, in my mind, to have a reasonable bond,” he said. “You’re not going to terrorize the people of Dallas County and I want that word to get out on the street.”

District Attorney Michael Jackson said his staff would work to ensure the suspects would face stiff penalties.

“Kidnapping kids is one of the lowest crimes a person can commit,” said District Attorney Michael Jackson. “These defendants need to have their suitcases packed up because they are going off for a long time.”