New plates will raise money to fight violence against women

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Next year, Alabama residents will possibly have a new way to show their support of violence prevention – with the “End Violence Against Women” license plate.

The plate, featuring a purple outline of a dove carrying a teal ribbon in its beak, and a background which fades from teal to purple, is simple, yet symbolic.

“I came up with the idea of the dove because it seemed peaceful and feminine, but at the same time, I wanted to send the message that violence against women is a terrible thing,” said Kayla Boyd, the Troy University senior who designed the license plate.

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It really is pretty,” said Sabrah Agee, SABRA Sanctuary Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Prevention Educator. “The teal stands for rape, and the purple stands for domestic violence.”

Designed on behalf of both the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Alabama Coalition Against Rape, the license plate will help provide funding for domestic violence and rape crisis centers throughout the state, and also send an important message to all who see it.

“As with every non-profit organization, in order to offer the services we have, we need funding,” said Agee. “In addition, you can go anywhere in the United States and show people that Alabama wants to end violence against women.”

In order to get the plate issued, 1,000 people have to complete a “commitment to purchase” application and pay a $50, tax-deductible fee at their county license/tag office by February 2006.

If 1,000 people have not paid by this date, those who did pay will get a refund of almost all of their $50.

“The state and county fees will be kept, so they will only get back $41.25,” said Agee. “They can either donate the $41.25 to the coalition, or get it back as a refund.”

If the license plate it issued, proceeds from its sales will be matched by state and federal grants, and equally divided among organizations that help victims of domestic violence and rape.

“I was very excited,”said Boyd, who is majoring in Graphic Design. “This is the first thing of mine that has ever been published, and I am very excited to help the Alabama Coalition Against Violence and the Alabama Coalition Against Rape. This is a worthwhile cause, and they need all the funding they can get to promote new legislation.”

For more information about supporting the license plate, please contact Agee at (334)877-4384.