19-year-old assigned $5M bond in killing

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bernard Eldrige Boyd was a registered sex offender, convicted of several larcenies, in violation of his parole, and once, even allegedly tried to sell stolen tires to Dallas County Deputies.

“He got out of jail two weeks ago for a theft case,” Assistant District Attorney Shannon Lynch said. “(But) he didn’t deserve to get killed.”

Lynch represented the state in Timothy Gayle’s bond hearing on Monday. Gayle is being charged with murder for Boyd’s slaying on Saturday, when witnesses say he shot and killed Boyd with a 7 mm rifle.

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Judge Bob Armstrong assigned a $5 million bond in the case. To make bail, Gayle must pay $500,000, or 10 percent, of the bond assigned.

District Attorney Michael Jackson said he was happy with the bond in the case.

“We’re going to ask for a stiff sentence (too),” he said. “Hopefully he (Gayle) packed his suitcase, because he’s going away for a long time.”

Jackson said the victim’s past wasn’t a factor in his office’s prosecution.

“The fact that the victim may have been in trouble is not going to stop us from prosecuting,” he said. “They’re still human beings. They have families just like everybody else.”

Witnesses said that Boyd, a 30-year-old Old Montgomery Highway resident, got into an argument with Gayle, according to official reports.

Boyd, witnesses said, had jokingly told the 19-year-old that if they were both in prison, Gayle would be his “girlfriend.”

Reports stated the argument escalated, and Boyd and Gayle hit each other once.

“I know it was a verbal or pushing-type thing,” Interim Selma Police Chief Jimmy Martin said.

Gayle left, apparently still angry over the disagreement. He returned with a 7 mm scope-mounted rifle. Witnesses said others on the scene attempted to stop him, but he waved them aside with the weapon. Boyd was sitting on a blue cooler. According to reports, he tried to apologize to Gayle.

Witnesses say Gayle shot Boyd once. Boyd fell, and Gayle allegedly walked over to his body and shot him again.

According to the DA’s office, the first shot killed Boyd, entering his torso from the left side. The second shot severely damaged his left leg.

“It was premeditated, the likes of which you can’t imagine,” Lynch said. “He’s (Gayle) not remotely remorseful.”

Gayle, witnesses said, left the scene in his car. Police recovered the car at a Cole Street residence, an address it was previously reported at which Gayle lived. Gayle, who actually lived on Utah Street, was arrested and questioned in the incident. Police said the questioning led them to the gun allegedly used in the killing, which was recovered at a Hidden Acres trailer.

Gayle is being held in the Dallas County Jail. The district attorney’s office said the case would go before a Grand Jury in about two weeks.

Jackson said he’s still trying to convince criminals he’s serious about cracking down on gun offenders.

“These defendants are going to have to learn that Dallas County is the wrong place to pull a gun on somebody,” he said.