Letter for April 11

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 11, 2005

To the editor,

Recently, it has become common knowledge to do two things:

1). Increase the price for a service and 2). Fail to provide the service.

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This seems to be what has happened to the city of Selma’s General Service Department in the matter of picking up residential garbage. If you call and explain that you have not had service in “x” days, you are told that the weather has been bad, or they are trying to catch up or some other excuse.

I wonder what would happen if stores or emergency facilities closed due to weather or trying to catch up? What happened to rainwear?

Now they want you to wheel a trash can to the curb and let it sit there forever. You still pay for the service that may or may not be provided. What if you didn’t pay?

But no, that isn’t considered by the city powers. They wouldn’t just cut you off and have a fee to receive services to begin later.

Nobody pays for nothing. That’s like, “The check is in the mail.”

Put money where it is needed, hire people where it is needed, and stop wasting valuable time. I bet the city powers aren’t missed!

A.J. Kendrick